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Brown, Chad Principal
Young, Joanne Assistant Principal

Asbury, Violet Art
Bohon, Paige English
Brown, Eric History
Evans, Catherine Science
Fox, Michelle Math
French, Lisa Math
Gray, Justin Math
Guzy, Chris History
Hale, Lori Math 6
Hartley, Shellie ITRT
Hash, Mary Beth Guidance
Kammer, Katherine English
Kinder, Angie Special Services
Linkous, Melissa Special Education
Louthan, Scott PE
Mason, Deborah Science/Keyboarding
Payne, Marci Library
Pearce, Alan English
Peery, Kathy Family and Consumer Science
Puckett, Emily Math
Roberts, Angel English
Serreno, Valencia Gifted
Sharpe, Lori Special Education
Sluss, Karen History
Smith, Holly Science
Smothers, Amanda English
Tabor, Cindy Math
Thompson, Beverly Special Education
Tinsley, Elizabeth Choir

Hash, Mary Beth Guidance
Payne, Marci Library