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Parental Portal Is Up and Running!
Posted On:
Monday, September 19, 2016
Instruction for logging in

Please note: The new upgrade requires you to create an account prior to logging on.


1. Create your new account first:

          a. log on to

          b. Select the "Create Account" tab

          c. Click the "Create Account" - blue tab at the bottom

          d. Complete the parent information (name, email, username, password)

          e. Add your child's name, Access ID and password (IMPORTANT: Your child's Access ID and password are case sensitive!) In looking at the list it appears almost all the usernames have the first letter capitalized; and, the passwords are almost all capitalized. 

2. Log out of the program (This is important for the first time, so that the program erases your old login information.) NOTE: If you are using a cell phone, your old username and password are still stored on the phone. You need to log out of the program and log back in, so your cell phone updates the information.)

3. Log back into the program using your new username and password.


The new upgrade allows you to have access to all of your children under your new username and password. And, if there are two separate households, each parent can create his/her own account.

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