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August 16 and 17 will be early dismissal days. 

GMS will release at 1:45


Please check the "Calendar" section for current concepts and announcements.  

You may view "Assignments" for daily details.  

Worksheets will be posted under "File Manager"


Assignments are made in class and are sometimes not in a book that your child has access to at home.  I will make every effort to help your child with make-up work in the event they are absent.  If they must bring an assignment home on the day they return, I will allow them extra time to complete it and turn it in to me.  

If you need to speak to me, you may do so through the link at this website or call the GMS number to set up an appointment.  I have planning from 1:35- 2:20 on regular schedule.  I can also meet after school with a scheduled appointment.


Any of the following that you could pick up to replenish our classroom supply would be MOST APPRECIATED!  

PAPER, PENCILS, Clorox wipes, Dry erase markers, Bags of individually wrapped candy, Highlighters, Colored Pencils